Lizzy - Falling into Autumn

Crisp, clear skies, crunchy leaves, and crackling fires heighten the senses, bringing texture, both tangible and sensory, to our surroundings. Autumn gives us permission to slow down and rest a little, as per Mother Nature. Paradoxically, it heralds the start of the festive season during which we are collectively, at our most sociable.

Autumn colours are perhaps more identifiable than those of any other season. Its colours are as vivid as those in summer, but the palette is tighter: greens, yellows, russets and brown prevail. Here I’m celebrating the new season and wearing three stand out pieces of STEPPER eyewear for autumn in gloriously rich yet mellow autumn hues.

SI-30135 F680 combines green and plum in the most beautiful, subtle way. A neat and very feminine style, this will transcend the seasons. This timeless, flattering style comes in a choice of 12 colours including other bi-coloured options.

SI-30198 F330 Melted milk chocolate meets burgundy in this understated Titanium style. “Tortoiseshell” adds subtle style detail to the inside rims of the frame. Other available colours include blue, purple, and black.

SI-50268 F033 in russet red Titanium has a statement, preppy silhouette which is very wearable. This is one of my favourite STEPPER styles of all time. I have this style in green with prescription sun lenses in. It is super lightweight and very flattering and is also available in yellow and in blue.