First and foremost, STEPPER EYEWEAR creates frames to meet individual’s fitting requirements for optimal vision correction.

Our merits have been achieved by producing outstanding frames via a close professional relationship with opticians for over fifty years. A fusion of optical expertise, materials innovation, design flair and a belief in creating better eyewear, benefits spectacle wearers across the world.

Ask your eyecare professional about STEPPER EYEWEAR.


Hans Stepper’s father opened an optical shop in Stuttgart, Germany in 1936. After working in his father’s practice as a very young man, Hans was encouraged by the German frame manufacturer Metzler to pursue his interest in frame design. Following this advice, Hans moved to Finland where he designed frames for Instrumentarium where he could develop his skills and knowledge.

During this time, it became clear to Hans maximising the fit of a frame would require a material that works with the contours of the face in a shape that remained stable.

Work began refining moulds and materials, with the first ‘SI’ frames being commercially available in 1970.

Today, STEPPER frames remain true to the commitment to providing frames that best meet the ophthalmic needs and style wants of the wearer.


The Purpose of a Frame

When choosing your new frame, you should understand that a frame’s primary purpose is to hold your prescribed lenses correctly before your eyes. When you first put on your spectacles, the lenses should be in the optimal position for your vision correction. Once in place, your spectacles should stay in place.

Eyecare Professionals Understand Fit

Eyecare professionals are qualified in understanding which frames will work with your prescription and face. They recognise good frame fitting is critical in holding the prescribed lenses correctly before your eyes. Once a suitable frame is selected, they will adjust the frame to match your individual fitting requirements.

Time spent in frame consultation will result in eyewear that improves the performance of your lenses, enhancing the benefits of your vision correction. A badly fitting frame compromises good vision.


Good comfort should last for as long as you wear your spectacles.

During your frame consultation, finding a frame shape to suit your face, colouring to work with your skin tone, and designs to match your style are important. But, to find a frame you will want to wear every day, these should be considered secondary to comfort.

Lighter Lenses and Frames

Consider the impact of your frame weight, particularly when investing in lighter lenses. When upgrading to lighter lenses, complement this with a lightweight frame. This will maximize the weight advantage of your lenses.

Sensitive Skin and Skin Allergies

Skin can be sensitive to any material and prolonged skin contact, for example wearing spectacles, can lead to reaction and discomfort.

The TX5, TX3, Titanium and Stainless Steel, used in our frames, have advantageous hypoallergenic properties over other popular frame materials that can include nickel in their construction.

How To Recognise That Your Frame Doesn’t Fit:

  • Pressure points on the nose
  • Soreness around the ear
  • Frame marks on the face at contact points
  • Movement of a frame requiring frequent repositioning
  • Poor vision due to suboptimal positioning of the prescribed lenses
  • Unnatural head movement to see through the correct part of the lens

Incorrect Frame Fit

If you need to regularly readjust your spectacle’s position (for example, pushing them up the bridge of your nose) this could be due to:

  • Your frame poorly matches your facial anatomy
  • Your frame has been incorrectly adjusted
  • Your frame fitting adjustment has moved over time

Value Professional Advice

A part of your frame selection process, STEPPER EYEWEAR recommends you discuss the following with your eyecare professional:

  • Fit
  • Comfort
  • Lightness
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Suitability for your lens requirements


To assist in finding the right fit for you, we have identified our frames as European Fit, Asian Fit, African Fit and Alpha Fit (for children).

All are designed to meet the fit and comfort requirements for a world of spectacle wearers.

By applying innovation and technology and combining this with our design skills, we aim to provide the perfect eyewear for everyone.