Siu - STEPPER Kids Eyewear

Aside from that, my niece (age 8) is short-sighted and has been wearing glasses constantly for over a year now. So yes, my knowledge of children's eyewear has expanded because of that too. Here is the thing, when STEPPER EYEWEAR told me they will be stepping into children’s eyewear (STEPPER Kids), I was excited because I know as a brand the word "FIT" is at the forefront of the business, it is one of the core values. I had high hopes and they delivered something I was wowed by.

My general conclusion on kids' eyewear after looking at so many through work and with my niece, is not a positive one. Most are adult frames that have been shrunk to a smaller size, therefore they become a "kids" frame instantly. I agree they will fit some children, but not all. Just because they may be the right size for some children, it doesn't mean they fit well. There is a difference. As a mum, I feel that a well-fitted pair of glasses on children is even more important because they are so active.

My niece is a prime example, she has a frame that falls off her nose every two seconds and the arms are bent so much to grip her ears tight that she gets indent marks. When she runs around they will fall off her face and for me it is so frustrating to see because I know they are one VERY ill-fitted frame. Whoever sold her those should know better!

The frame is a generic fashion brand that "makes" glasses but as a fashion brand, they are not even a childrenswear brand. Then my second frustration is, why make kids' frames when the brand itself is a fashion brand that doesn't cater to clothing for children?

Anyway, going back to STEPPER Kids, from a professional point of view I can see all the technical designs and thinking processes that have gone into them. I love the fact that the nose pad is changeable with many different sizes to choose from to ensure a good fit. Children's faces/features change as they grow and they grow quickly. Therefore, it is a good idea to have changeable nose pads.

Secondly, I love that the temple comes with an adjustable ear grip so the length of the temple has been designed to be the correct length for a child's head. The adaptable ear grip helps to hold the glasses in place without the need for being overly manipulated or fitted too tightly.

Finally, I love that there are no tiny screws which is a choking hazard for smaller children. Coupled with their no-hinge approach that minimizes anything coming loose (and then lost during play), it is fantastic.

From a mum's point of view, the colours of the frames are fun and vibrant and they feel very child friendly. There are some great shapes to choose from too, classic shapes that are timeless or some bigger fashion shapes which my daughter loved. They look and feel practical too which is exactly what you need.

After speaking to some fellow mums for feedback on the STEPPER Kids range, most were wowed by them too, but a little worried by the plastic hinge because they do make a loud click when opening and shutting the temples. I explained that the plastic hinge just doesn't have that smooth movement but it is perfectly normal. It is even good for the children to hear the click. That is how they know it is clicked into place and good to wear.

I know this is just the beginning for STEPPER Kids because this is exactly what the children’s eyewear market needs. Something that has been designed entirely with them in mind without any compromise on styles and comfort to suit the active lives that most children lead.