Lizzy - Be Seen In Green

It seems I am bang on trend. The world of interiors and fashion are currently obsession with all things verdant too. Elle Décor cites green as being a colour that will be seen everywhere in 2023 and the Spring Summer 23 runways were awash with every shade of green from lime to olive.

I consider green to be an excellent neutral. Think of how many different colours of flowers sit harmoniously next to green foliage. It is fresh and elegant and less predictable than fellow neutrals navy and black. Green works hard year-round in one’s wardrobe so reduces the cost-per-wear. My green glittery sandals will not look out of place in any season whereas I tend not to wear black or navy shoes in the warmer months- green clothing and accessories are a savvier choice.

In terms of colour psychology, green is widely agreed to be calming, probably because of its association with nature. Research suggests that the positivity associated with green is hardwired in our brains. Early humans knew that green indicated a place where they would  find food. It is an optimistic colour too: green lights, green fingers, green cards are all very positive phrases. In more recent times, the term "green" has also come to mean "ecologically beneficial", for example, green energy, green spaces, Greenpeace.

A negative connotation of green is the association with envy. Some believe it dates back to the ancient Greeks who thought that jealousy occurred as result of the overproduction of bile, which turned human skin slightly green.

Green is the easiest colour for the human eye to see due to the way in which it stimulates the cone-cells, the cells in our eyes that are responsible for seeing in colour. We can see more shades of green than we can any other colour. Therefore, no matter if your verdant favourite is a dusty olive or a rich emerald, we can all find a shade of green to suit.

Here I’m wearing SI-30135 F680. The combination of green and plum looks so beautiful- so proving that green works with so many other colours.

The second style is SI-30141 F660. There is a subtle glitter finish to this eyewear with a touch of sparkle at the side. Simply divine.